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Your Choice of Rug...

We are constantly changing our range of rugs, offering both traditional and modern styles for those seeking something a little different.

We carefully select quality designs and colours (many of which date back generations) to uphold our tradition of supplying affordable, high quality rugs in a variety of sizes and styles.

We offer competitive prices, quick service and free estimates, so please call to arrange a home visit so we can provide you a quotation.

Afghan - Pakistan - Turkish - Chinese - Persian - Indian - Antique


Afghan oriental carpets and rugs are from the weaving areas in West Afghanistan. As well as traditional Afghan designs, in recent years many regions are weaving Persian and Caucasian designs.





Iran is the home of the world's most famous carpet production. It was Persian weavers who were first able to create curvillinear patterns which greatly expanded the opportunity for imaginative design. All Iranian carpets are unique either in their design, colour combination or finish and are clearly recognisable as to the town, village or region where they are made.



Turkish carpets represent both the ideal piece to blend with today's modern furnishings and some of the finest weaving available.



Chinese carpets and rugs are specifically sought after for their unique literal designs that distinguish from European counterparts. Originally made of wool, Chinese carpets and rugs are typically decorated with symbols of longevity and good luck. Dragons, phoenixes, lotus flowers, and birds are all very common stitched-in motifs.




Handmade by local village people and nomadic people all over Pakistan and the surrounding areas. Bokhara rugs are one of the most common hand knotted rugs that are imported into the UK, they offer rich colours and a highly detailed design in soft 100% wool pile, this is usually from the very best New Zealand wool. Bokhara rugs data back century's, the design represents the print of an Elephants foot or the Gul design as it is known, this geometric design is also popular in Afghanistan and other rug producing countries.

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