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About Us...

We have years of Oriental and Persian rug specialist knowledge and expertise in the rug and carpet field. We ensure that our fine quality weavings are individually sourced and traditionally hand-knotted by reputable craftsmen weavers from around the world, using a varied colour palette of natural dyes that are ideal for blending with soft furnishings.


Whatever your interests in Oriental and Persian rugs, whether it is to buy a new rug or clean, repair or restore an existing cherished rug we are the experts you need to talk to.


Our Heritage


We are experts in Oriental and Persian rugs and have over 40 years experience dealing with all aspects of these rugs. We have a dedicated team of experts that will care, clean and look after your rugs.

Our Rugs


All our rugs are premium quality and individually selected from our traditional hand weavers. We take pride in our long established relationship with weavers around the world and the exceptional quality of rugs we offer. We pride ourselves on our quality, expertise and value for money.

Our Oversize Rugs


Oversize oriental carpets can be difficult to find. If you are looking for a large oversize oriental carpet then look no further. Many larger houses or establishments can display a large or oversize rug to dramatic effect - we have a large selection for viewing. In special cases rugs can be commissioned direct from our weavers to specific size requirements.

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